In A Bottle . . .


I painted this picture several years ago. It was a dark time for me and this painting reflected how I felt at the time. Trapped in a clear glass bottle, unable to get out but able to see what was going on around me. Afloat, on an ocean, with a rock cliff looming in the distance. At the time, I wasn’t sure what all of it meant but later, I realized that the cliff could represent two ways of looking at my fate. I could be dashed against the rocks and killed or dashed against the rocks and released. Life is like this picture. We have no choice but to live it and there are continuous dangers, like the rocks, looming in the distance. Either we are released from ourselves and set free by the trials, or we are damaged and become more cynical, bitter and angry. The rock cliffs in life will come, but how we react to them is our choice.

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  1. sylvia kilcup

    That thought is very inspiring. It is true, we have choices. We don’t want to be crushed by the rocks but we can look up and ask for help to the only One that can rescue is. He will never leave us nor forsake us.


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