What God Really Did . . .

Jesus crucified
The price of sin satisfied
Bloodstained upon the cross
Nailed forever lost
Death defeated, free to live
Nothing greater to give
Sacrifice himself displayed
Took it all to the grave
In resurrection none remains
Of condemnation, guilt or shame
Only a new creation borne
The curtain of separation torn

New creation. That’s what we are. And it had to be new. Jesus said that you one cannot put new wine in an old wine skin for it would burst. Nor can you patch an old garment with new cloth for when it’s washed, it shrinks and tears the garment. You cannot put Jesus life in the old flesh; it will be rejected and useless to the child of God. God so wants to completely free us from the tyranny of our old nature that he not only crucified the old one but gave us Jesus’ resurrected, sinless, obedient and perfect life as a substitute for the old one. We now have a choice, where as before there was only one captain . . . there are now two. The Flesh and the Spirit.

Wait. If it was crucified then why is it still a problem? Welcome to the Time-Eternity Zone. This is where most of us get very confused. Time is where we reside. It’s all we know. In fact, our description of time involves time words such as forever and eternity. Just stop and think about an unending universe with billions of galaxies and after a moment. After a moment, I have to shake my head because I can’t fathom no end.

God created us as eternal beings just as he is eternal. When sin entered, our bodies became finite subject to death. But our souls remained eternal and will reside in timelessness when they leave our fleshly body. That’s why God banned Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. So they could not partake of the Tree of Life and live forever in their sinful state. (Genesis 3:22-24) And by doing so, God confined humanity to the bounds of time. But when God reenters our lives, and we accept Jesus Christ as our restitution, we once again touch eternity. Our flesh is on death row but our lives are hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3) and his resurrected life is now available to us.

Available, not absolute. Redemption through Christ is a free gift and instantaneous. There is no long process, no waiting period, and no strings. We believe, accept and “voila!” But accessing Christ’s life is another story. God will not force us to choose his son’s life. He offers it. And the process is call sanctification. I promise to KISS it. (Keep It Simple Stupid.)

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    Thank you for sharing, I’m glad to join you in this wonderful journey!


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