Most times I long to fly away
to leave this place and be with God
I’m ready to go home and yet I
can’t deny there are those whom
I do not want to leave behind.
I’m torn

Some days it’s hard to face this world
of sin and sickness all around
to have a hope with such despair moaning
in my head and heart, so all alone
in isolation, this body growing weak.
I’m weary

I long to see His gentle smile
to feel the warmth of his embrace
I want to lay my head upon his breast
and listen to his beating heart like he’s
listened to mine so many times.
I’m waiting

One day I will hear my name shouted
from the heavens; I will rise
transported from time and space to eternity
where I shall don my hidden life and shed
this frail mortality, forever free. Rejoice!
I’m ready

Easter has come and gone for another year. We’ve mourned Jesus death on that cursed cross and wept in realization that it’s us who put him there. Sunday came and we wept again only this time with tears of joy that he has risen and we are forgiven, redeemed and set free from sin and death. And as glorious as all of this is, we still long for what is to come. We groan to be rid of this mortal flesh and be finally clothed with our new bodies, to be like Jesus at last. We long to see him face to face, to bow before him in humility and wonder. Our life here is but a proving ground for all that is to come. And blessed is the one who looks for his coming, face turned toward the clouds, in anticipation of the coming reunion with all of those who have gone before us.

He is coming. Let us live as if it’s tomorrow.

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