If God . . .

If God is in complete control and all things that happen in our lives are either willed or allowed by God, then what do we do with that? It is uncomfortable, even frightening to think that the things that happen to everyone in the world, whether good or horrific, are not accidents, happenstance or fate but within the permissive will of God. This realization, when it comes and is understood and accepted, can shake our faith and trust in God like an earthquake, leaving us to wonder what kind of God we really believe in. It’s like the moment you realized that your parents are human after all. What do we do with this sobering truth . . .

At first it seems like some grand betrayal. The loving and caring God invited into our lives to care for us suddenly becomes the almighty overseer who turns a blind eye to our pain and suffering in order to carry out some divine purpose that only He controls. We reel at the thought that our Heavenly Father, our trusted friend and protector, truly allows all things, even the most painful and devastating circumstances, to come upon us. It can feel like we are nothing but rats in a lab, mere objects of experimentation, with no control over our lives and no way to escape. But not all is despair and hopelessness if we allow God to reveal His true heart and mind.

There is comfort in knowing that God is in complete control over all His creation. Yes, stuff happens, and God allows it. He is no respecter of persons and His will shall not be thwarted by angels, demons, or mankind. He is neither apathetic nor indulgent, merciless nor filled with pity. And nothing enters out lives that does not have a purpose. This revelation should give us a whole new understanding of God and what it means to be his child. He is determined to shape us into the likeness of his Son, Jesus. And to do that, He must use the circumstances of our lives to discipline and mold us. He does not spoil us, pamper us, nor treat us as pets. He is our God. He is our Creator. He is our Father. And He will not rest until our old nature is stripped of its power over us.

” . . . until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13

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